This Is How To Get Me To Promote Your Product


I received a letter from The Syndicate over the weekend. And you wouldn’t believe what was inside that envelope…

Three pieces of paper. One powerful message.

But first, you have to watch this video:

Case Study: Fastest Way to Build a List (19k Subscribers in 8 Days)

How do you generate targeted traffic to an offer and make money online?

This simple question is pretty much the foundation of Internet marketing. And the answer is surprisingly easy.

Last week I launched a traffic campaign for a new product I’m promoting in the personal development niche.

Now this niche is completely foreign to me. I don’t have JV partners. I don’t have an existing list.

You Only Live Once (YOLO)

If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll be aware that I attended a property investment seminar a couple weeks back by Milan Doshi. During the three days, Milan spoke at great length over the idea of self-delayed gratification. He taught us all that luxuries can be kept for later, and that it was most important to stabilize your finances first.

As someone who has be known to spend excessively on things I don’t need but things that I want, I took this to heart. It’s something that I’ve given a lot of thought to and decided that, perhaps, I should save for the future.

I put on hold my plans to purchase my dream home. Instead I concentrated on making intelligent investments that will pay out later in life.

And then flight MH 370 vanished.


How Time Management Separates The Rich From The Poor

I spent over two hours on the road getting lost only to reach my destination and be told I had to come back in five days.

But before I get into that, you have to understand my philosophy on time.

A lot of people, including members of my team, have often asked me how I spend my day. And it really comes down to my beliefs on time management.


Signed, Sealed and Delivered

I remember when I first heard Tony Robbins speak and how he moved the audience and I thought to myself, man… I would love to be able to do that one day.

That was in 2009.

tony robbins

Some call me a seminar junkie. That’s because I’ve spent about RM430k attending seminars. Seminar organizers love me because I sign up for pretty much whatever they have. Big fan of learning, am a student of life.